Discussion Question 1

What do you know about using technology with students?
-I know that technology needs to be used as a tool to enhance curriculum and help increase student learning. I find that students seem to enjoy the use of different technologies in the classroom. Most students seem to catch on quickly when introduced to new technologies.

What do you want to know about using technology with students?
- I want to continue to expand my use of different technologies in the classroom. I would also like to learn more about the effects technology has on student learning. I believe that in some cases the over use of technology could have a negative impact on student learning. I hope to learn more about how and when to use beneficial technology in the classroom.

Discussion Question 2

Look at the Essential 21st Century Skills List - Select one skill and discuss how you already meet this skill via your current instruction.
-Interpersonal and Collaborative - During the course of a school year I have a number of different group projects that students work on in my classes. With these projects they learn how to work together to accomplish a set goal. The students learn that the responsibilities set before them can only be accomplished properly and completely with teamwork.

Select another Essential 21st Century Skill that you may NOT already touch upon and project how you might be able to meet that need in future instruction.
- Self-Direction - In the future I could have my students do more pre and self-assessments on projects and assignments. I could also have my students keep journals on how things went during lab work. With these journals students can see the progress they make throughout the class.

Discussion Question 3 - to be done one week after the Weekend One

Find a TeacherTube/YouTube video that you could use for instructional purposes and copy and paste the address of the video for others to view. Explain how you would use this with your students.

NOTE: Since there are so many videos to choose from, please avoid any repeats.

View two other students’ videos and add your comments as a subthread to their message.

- http://www.teachertube.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=128785&title=The_cost_of_electricity&vpkey=

This video would be very helpful in my electronics and electricity class. Many of my students don't understand how to figure out how much electricity they use and how much it costs. By incorporating this video into my lesson the students will be able to figure out roughly how much electricity they use and what they could do to save electricity.

Discussion Question 4 - to be done Saturday/Weekend Two

To complete the KWHL- what have you learned from the readings, activities and discussions from this course about using technology with your students?
Please reflect upon at least one other students' entry and add your comments as a subthread to their message.
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There were many things that I have learned throughout this course that deal with using technology in the classroom. In the readings I learned about the many different evaluation tools that can be used, including many different websites, interactive evaluation games, and grading technologies. I have currently started using jeopardylabs.com to create a number of different games that I could use as an evaluation tool in my classrooms. Many of the activities I did in class also increased my knowledge of the different activities I can complete with our students. Claymation and the other team building activities were very interesting and I look forward to using them in my classroom. It's very important for students to realize the importance of being able to work in groups in order to accomplish a task. This class has shown me how we can truly use technology to our advantage in the school and has fulfilled my goal of gaining more knowledge from second part of discussion question 1.