Assignment #1
This article answers some of the many questions educators may have when first researching the benefits of using the I-Pod touch in the classroom.According to this article the possibilities seem endless for the I-Pod touch and what it could accomplish in an educational setting.
This article focuses on how an I-Pod touch can promote interactive learning and more effective studying.The article also mentions some of the negative aspects of having an I-Pod touch in schools.The author of this article, John Parrott, provides many insightful and useful ideas for incorporating the I-Pod touch into education.
This wiki page provides some helpful suggestions for educational applications and use for different grade levels.Chris Oneal also provides a PowerPoint that helps us understand why the I-Pod touch can be beneficial to students and education.
This New York Times article talks about how the I-Pod touch is very helpful for bilingual students.The I-Pod helps many of these students increase their vocabulary and grammar through the singing of popular songs from the I-Pod.Some school districts ban the I-Pod touch, but the districts mentioned in this article are able to utilize the I-Pods to increase student learning.
This article states the many benefits to using and I-Pod touch in the classroom.The one major advantage to using the touch is that it can provide a very exciting and beneficial learning experience for students of all ages.This article also recommends a few useful educational applications that can be downloaded onto the I-Pod touch.

Assignment #2
The following pod cast is one used in my electronics class.The entire pod cast is quite long so I had the students listen to only parts of it.My class just finished studying how much electricity we use so this pod cast fits right in with how much electricity the internet uses.

The following pod cast is the latest from, “The Tony Kornheiser Show” on ESPN on 980.I find Tony very entertaining and enjoy listening to his opinions on different sports topics.

Assignment #3

Personal Apps

#1.ESPN ScoreCenter –
This app can keep me up to date on Packers, Badgers, Brewers, and Bucks scores.

#2.Sudoku -
When I’m bored and have nothing else to do I could use this free Sudoku app.

#3.Flashlight -
Having just moved into a new house and still having things to unpack, this app can help me until I find where I put my flashlight.

#4.Fast Food – Top Restaurant Finder App
I can use this when I’m traveling and looking for a quick bite to eat along the way.

#5.The Weather Channel - ****
This app can keep you up to date on the weather in your area and around the world.

Educational Apps

#1.Free Spanish Tutor
This free app can help you learn or refresh your knowledge of the Spanish language.

#2.3D Brain
This app allows students to explore the brain and the different functions along with each part.

#3.ABC Phonics Animal Free Lite – Talking and Spelling Alphabet
This app allows kids to spell and listen to different animal names.

#4.Drivers Ed Lite
This app helps students prepare for their DMV permit test, and we all know they need it.

#5.Free Graphic Calculator – Pocket CAS Lite
This app allows students to download a free calculator that could help when it comes to graphing and general math functions.

Assignment #4 – Podcasts

My Podcast

Student Podcast

Assignment #5 - IPod Uses
In my personal life I plan to use my iPod for many things.I have already started downloading music and games to keep myself entertained on trips or when I exercise.The many apps have also allowed me to search restaurants ideas, directions, and help diagnose common car and household problems.In the classroom I can see myself using the iPod, to create podcasts, as an alternative to using power point.I could also allow my students to use an ipod to create a podcast in place of creating a power point for their research projects.Also, since our school is going wireless, I envision myself using my iPod to check email while I’m on the go in the school.

Assignment #6

This youtube video explains many of the benefits of using an ipod touch in education. According to the video an ipod can increase student motivation, be more engaging if used properly, and accommodate many learning styles.

Assignment #7

This first site contains a number of free classic audio books including Huckleberry Finn, White Fang, and many more.

This site also contains a number of free audio books that are read by volunteers and are posted on the Internet. Their stated goal is to publish all the books to the public domain.

Assignment #8