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Assignment #4

Lesson #1

Grade Level: High School
Subject: Information Technology
Title: Business Card Lesson Plan
Technology Integration: Computer, Desktop Publisher

This lesson plan provides a set of directions for students to create their own business card. The teacher also explains the point of the business cards and why they are used. The students use a number of different technologies including a computer, along with a software program named Desktop Publisher in this lesson.

Lesson #2
Grade Level: High School
Subject: Computers and Technology
Title: Understanding Wikis and Ethical Responsible Posting of Information Online
Technology Integration: Computers, Internet, Wikis

In this lesson students will post information about local business and learn the importance of ethics and responsibility of posting information online. This lesson allows students to use computers to create a Wiki to comment on businesses. As a class the students review each page and talk about the ethics and responsibility of posting information online.

Lesson #3
Grade Level: High School
Subject: Carpentry
Title: Types of Furniture
Technology Integration: Computer, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word

In this lesson students will learn about the different types of furniture design through a PowerPoint presentation. Students will then have the opportunity to create their own furniture line using the knowledge they gained through the lecture. Students will also be provided with a number of handouts to help them create their furniture.

Assignment #5

#1 - This article talks about the importance of being able communicate with people who we'd never meet and exchange information. By using a blog you are able to communicate with other teachers in your content area and share information, which in turn would increase student learning. You would also be able to communicate with local businesses and help increase the success of your school by preparing students for what the local industry is looking for.

#2 - This article talks about how we as educators came into using blogs as a means of communicating with students, parents, and the community. The collaboration and ability to comment on students works has also brought many teachers into using blogs. There are many examples of how blogs are used in the classroom throughout this article. This article also contains information involving RSS feeds and how both RSS feeds and blogs can be set up.

#3 - This article posts a number of questions about blogs that are answered by a graduate director who uses them. He explains why he started using blogs, why they are so beneficial in the classroom, and how he uses blogs in his classroom.

#4 - This article talks about how to blog your classroom safely. The main focus of this article is to explain how to set up a blog site and make it secure for parents and students to look at and access. The article also supplies and email address to where you can start your blog.

#5 - This article talks about a professor who believes that blogs have the possibility to be used as a positive educational resource. In this article some benefits of using a blog are mentioned. Also included in this article are quotes from students and some of their own views relating to blogs.

MY BLOG - http://mrheelersblog.blogspot.com/

Assignment #7

Website #1 - I use this website in all of my woodworking classes. This website provides useful information such as, videos, product reviews, tips and techniques, projects, shop safety, and forums for woodworkers.

Website #2 - This is another site which I use for all of my safety quizzes in my woodworking classes. This site allows you to create quizzes that are stored on the internet where your students can access them from anywhere there is an internet connection. There is a small fee in order to use the site after the trial period.

Website #3 - This is a site where you can find out information on how different things work. You simply type in your topic of choice and press search. From there a number of topics related to your word search appear and you pick the one which you want learn about. This is a very useful tool, especially when you are dealing with technology.

Assignment #8

This free website allows you to create a simple crossword puzzle by simply typing in the word and the clues. I have used this site a number of times to create puzzles for shortened school days.